Have you ever had a terrible camping experience? Read about my Omu Resort Experience here! There are plenty deets on my OOTD.

I wore a half bowed kimono and yes! I’ll be giving out the kimono on the comment session. So get ready! 

I got to the venue really late, around 2/3pm. It wasn’t quite what I expected, I had been anticipating this outing for so long and had been imagining so many things. 😂 It was still lit though. It looked like the calm in the storm. I started my adventure with the roller coaster. It was super fun but I was so scared at first. I was literally praying for my life. But the second time wasn’t so bad. Haha. Pro vibes! ✌

The ride was super fun but experiencing the ride was damn scary. You should try it.

It was an Ankara head wrap, couture type kimono and bralet kind of day. I made all my outfit. I used three and half yards of Ankara to achieve my head wrap, half yard of french lace and some tulle for the bralet and three yards of fabric for my “half bows” kimono. It was a laid back outing but I wanted to add the couture touch, hence the kimono.

Next up was the pirate ship. I take my words on the rollercoaster, I think this was the scariest ride I took. I couldn’t do all the rides sadly, because of time and also because there were too many rides and activities. It’s so impossible to finish all the activities in one day. 

So, if you’re going and you want to really enjoy all of it. Go early!

Then I did ‘Mission Impossible’, I got to the highest point on my first try. I think I was just too hyper that day. 

Then wait for it!!! The best of all… The Bull Ride! I’ve fantasized about this ride my entire life. The experience was so fulfilling. I’m proud to say that I did 3 times at once without falling. 

And then came the rain. For me, this was the saddest. I already came late, there was so many things to explore and yet rain decided to fall. I mean, not showers, heavy pours. It was devastating. Anyway, after one hour of waiting, the rain finally stopped. I got to see the zoo, do the tyre walk, a few other games and that was it. 😢😢😢

I didn’t fully explore all the adventures: Omu resort was fun however and I can’t wait to be back there. Someone can decide to take me. 😂 I’m not even doing shakara.
The 15th Comment on this post gets to win my “half bows” kimono 💃💃💃. Please note that the winner must be able to pick up in Lagos, Nigeria


Fashion design for me is practically my life. I find my calling there and i know that I’ll one day effect real change in the world through it. 

Sharon OOJA in 7th Avenue

My fashion design learning journey was a rather long, funny and interesting one. I started learning how to sew in 2012 on Youtube. Yes! Youtube! My parents at that time didn’t want to hear the “vocation” story . They were all about going to school and getting good grades – Typical Nigerian Parents 😀. I would learn how to cut something, steal mum’s ankara and literally hand-sew it. I moved on from doing that to convincing my parents to allow me learn how to sew during the holidays. My mum bought a sewing machine and that was it for me.

I did a lot of work and a lot of research. I wanted badly to do good jobs and I didnt have the money to hire really good tailors so I had to learn every single bit of it. I got an internship with Tojufoyeh and that was where I learnt pattern drafting (I also did a lot of my homework on pattern draft).

So I’m having a basic haute couture fashion design class on the 12th of August 2017. Its a one full day class (20 people only)and I’ll be taking you thoroughly tthrough

basic human form sketching,
some graphic illustration tips,
deep pattern drafting,
anatomy of sewing,
applique, rhinestone and bead installation,
practical marketing tips,
how to apply for internships,
the blog lifestyle and

a guest will be taking us through fabric painting for just a small fee of #5000.

Its going to be an amazing class, I’ll be going all out and teaching all that I know and have done a lot of research on.I’ll be re- making the Sharon OOJA dress above while I teach pattern drafting and sewing. 

It promises to be very educative, interesting and super engaging. It’s also going to be a great platform for networking. There will be a lot of gisting guys. And yes! Food, drinks and free kits are guaranteed.

Show some love and REPOST this ! Please TAG interested people .


Be picky with your CLOTHES, friends and time.

– Unknown

Hi guys,

Happy sunday. Its been a while. I’ve missed a week of posting on the blog as I’ve been house hunting and it is a serious struggle especially in this part of the world, Lagos. I’ll make it up by posting the best and worst haute couture looks by Nigerian designers later this week. 

This is my first attempt at making corset with ankara. Ankara is an African print fabric that’s very beautiful.

And it turned out pretty good !!! 

I used two yards of ankara to achieve this and two yards of crepe for the extension. I also used boning to build the corset and of course, I created my own pattern to cut the fabric. 

Earlier this week was @tojufoyeh’s birthday. If you know me well, you’ll know I’ve got mad love for her. Meeting her literally changed my life, fashion wise. I interned at “Toju Foyeh”. There, I learnt most of the sewing techniques I know. I’ll be interviewing her for the blog under the category Journey through the stitches pretty soon.  

I got my fish net stockings from @thestyleconsultant_ng on Instagram using the discount code “Kharyna”

You can also make an order for this dress on @official7thavenue on Instagram using the same discount code. 

​The Little Black Dress, And More

Women who wear black live colourful lives 


This past week got me thinking, a lot. I had to review my goals, especially my future plans that includes schooling in Parsons and review what I really want out of my life.

As you know, I’m a fashion designer with big dreams. My hope is to bring fashion in Nigeria to a new next level. I want to redefine the whole thing to an international level. I’m talking micheal5inco and bigger. The skye is definitely not the limit for this girl right here! Yes, l am also three months away from finishing medical school. Yass, radiographers in the house! show of hands. 💅

I started business in 2013 and this year, I really began to see my moving fast into the big break. Well, supposedly. Then, the melt down happened. I had to think a lot about dealing with success that will come and review the lessons learnt from previous overwhelming successes. 

I have been racking my brains all week for refreshing ideas for my July projects and It seemed like I was at loggerheads with myself. Most importantly, the thought of how to become a big international brand kept me awake most nights this past week. Thinking about what I am doing wrong, what I should be doing right, strategies to take to make a break. It was more like asking God for answers.

Anyway, I think I had a break in church last Sunday. I hadn’t been to church for about two weeks now. It’s a long story. Now, It wasn’t the exact answer to all my thoughts but it was definitely the one assurance I needed. The assurance that all things work together for good for they that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. This was definitely the closure I needed.
So I’m telling somebody out there. When you’re stuck, don’t give up. All things will work together for your good!

​The Roast – Trends You Think Should Stay And The Ones You Want Gone 

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic 

– Iman

I’m tired of these trends.
Totally tired.

You know, like how you’ll feel about icecream after working consistently in Icecream Factory for a million years.

I’m tired. 

I am bored.

If you share my opinions, confirm your thoughts in the comment section.

However, if you have dissenting views, shu… 😂 Share them also.

In the comment box below! 

The goal of this post is to engage. I want to know what you’re thinking. Rant out your hearts. Comment away. Roast with all your soul. Spare no trend!
So there are way too many fashion trends and let’s be real, half of them are absolutely unnecessary and the other half are just reincants of older, hippier trends. Here are my thoughts on a few on them.

Sunglasses aka shades 

Stay please.

But, please. Do not wear shades in a room where it’s obviously cool. Except of course, somehow direct sunlight is involved or such. And sunglasses in the night? Excuse you.

Going, going, gone.

Crazy Jeans
Gone are the days where you couldn’t wear crazy jeans on the road without some woman telling you to repent or stop wearing rags. 😂

I love this trend and definitely want it to stay. Even though some of y’all are abusing it. You know yourselves. Ask God for forgiveness.

See Through Clothes w or w/o Underwear

I personally hate this trend.

For with, I mean what’s the point, you can as well walk around in your underwear.

Without, unless you are Rihanna or you’ve got the style percentage she has. Don’t try this. Most times, it looks trashy and what not.

Beard gang

Yes! That has come to stay. I love my bearded brothers. What I even love more is the fact that beard care is a thing, complete with the oils and kit. Clean is sexy!

Contour and Highlight

I want you to stayyyyyy.

False Lashes
Four letters. S. T. A. Y.

Crochet Hair
Crochet is like man’s greatest invention. Those things are heroes. Crochet is like so easy. It’s the literally the best thing that happened to the women folk last year.

Team Natural

I joined this struggle as well. Struggle because natural hair and its drama. Lol.

It’s definately a keeper.

Off / Cold Shoulder
Gone with the wind!

I saw a cold shoulder wedding dress one time. Nah, fam.


There’s no hair trend this year because of wigs. Wigs are lit and a must have for girls. The braid wig however has been abused. Damn! The number of braid wigs I see on a daily basis is alarming and the number of the messed up ones are even more alarming.

Yoruba Demon

Future son, you are not a Yoruba demon in Jesus name. Demon, how?

Did I mention all the major trends?
What other trends do you want to stay or go?
Hit the comment box below. The goal is to engage. Engage yourself, comment on the aforementioned trends and bring up new trends and topics. Engage others, comment on people’s comments. Who knows, you may bond over mutual love or hate. Boom! Adesua and Banky 2.0. Engage me, I’ll reply. Let’s gist.

Phone photography : My cool friends , Toun and Sandra

The most interactive commenter gets a prize. The cute top in this post belongs to you. But you gotta roast first.

Closet Tag 

When in doubt, wear white.
– Teju.

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

Haha. That would be my Nike bra-top . I’ve had it since junior school. 😂

What is the newest item?
My Couture beach wear cover-ups. I’ll be posting the look on the blog next week.;)

What is the most expensive item?
That would be my perfume. Versace Bright Crystal.

What was the biggest bargain?

My bags. I get really great bargains on bags.

What was the biggest waste of money?
I’ve got quite a number of them, mostly clothes.  

What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)?

Some rubber slippers. I got it in Ibadan for #450. And they don’t even look it.

What are your 3 favorite items right now?

My perfumes.

My Maybelline powder.

My white Jumpsuit I’m wearing in this post. Slayyy or what! 

What is your favorite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?

I must say first that I hardly receive any gifts.:oops: An off-shoulder stripped dress I got from my mum.

What is the most comfortable item?

Shift dresses 

What is the most outrageous/colorful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)? 
I own all the outrageous colours. 😁

What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)? 
I own some really tight-fitted clothes and I’ll wear them over and over painstakingly because I love them. I like really fitted clothes.
Where do you shop the most at?

You won’t believe it. I practically live in lagos island market. I shop there virtually every week 

Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item.
I hardly wear monochrome so I ain’t got none.

Something you love but everyone else hates? 

There’s a long list. 😁 

Something that you’re excited to wear soon?

My Ankara crop top and skirt I’ll be wearing this evening. 

Dress by 7th Avenue. @official7thavenue 
Photography by Seyifunmi Photography. @seyifunmiphotography

Innovation Consultancy by The Idea Artillery. @theideaartillery 

Confessions Of A Fashion Blogger – The Introduction Edition

People will stare, make it worth their while.

– Tom Ford

Make up by Oshewa Beauty (@oshewabeauty)

Dress by 7th Avenue (@official7thavenue)

Photography by Seyifunmi Photography (@theseyifunmiphotography)

Creative Direction by Sandra N. (@sandy_oma)

PR Advising and Innovation Consultancy by The Idea Artillery (@theideaartillery)

Welcome to my blog.
The first of it’s kind, literally. The first haute couture blog in Nigeria. If you really want to read about all that, click here

Illustration by Kharyna 7th Avenue.

I can’t tell you how excited I am. Overjoyed is an understatement, I’ve been working on this with the most amazing team for a while and to finally be up and running, it’s tremendous.
I would bore you with what haute couture means but you probably know already. Haute couture is so dear to me and that’s one reason I started this blog. To explore, celebrate and show off haute couture, in my original, created and creative work of course.

An Overview Of The Blog 
From style posts to haute couture pieces worn by me, kharyna7thavenue.com will have it all. I have divided the blog into four categories or menus that I would explore every week in turns.

My Style Story 

This is the basic fashion or style post where I put up pictures and a post attached of me wearing haute couture pieces, tailored by me, of course.


Collaborations with fellow fashion designers, style and fashion bloggers, photographers, models, stylists, brands, products, fashion enthusiasts and more. 

Trends, Rants, Features etc

Here, I will explore trends, I will rant, put up features, reviews etc. Weekly trends, monthly picks, social media fashion frenzies et al. In this category, it will be all about the latest, top of the food chain, ridiculously stylish fashion trends. It will also be a rant fest for me. I am guilty of always speaking my mind and here, I shall. Features and reviews will also be posted. I’m dying to post what I actually think about some things I’ve come across lately and I can’t wait for feedback from you guys.

 Journey Through Stitches – The Series

If you’ve ever seen my feature on The Semi Writer called Behind The Tacks With Olateju A, it will be something like that. Journey Through Stitches – The Series will feature stories, interviews and posts outlining the journey of various fashion enthusiasts and affiliates including fashion designers, bloggers, models, stylists and others.
It’s a lot of work, yes but it’s also going to be a lot of fun. You should totally click the follow button on the blog and subscribe to be up to date on all of it as they happen. 

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