Get The Best From Your Fashion Designer

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.

Taylor Swift

Hi guys, 

Happy New Year.

I hope you missed me. I’m back and hopefully better.
How have the first few weeks of the year been, for you?
Hope you’ve started acting on your new year resolutions slash goals. I prefer to use the word goals. I think I have, mostly. I’ve stopped taking carbonated drinks but I haven’t started exercising yet; still meditating on the best approach for me but it’s all well and good. It’s a process!

Today, I’ll be gisting with you about hustling med school and fashion design but first let me say one or 2 things about how to get the best from your fashion designer; I’ll cut mid way and conclude in the end. (making designer puns, eyyy)

It’s important that you have the concept of what you want in mind, in other words, don’t be clueless. Having a style idea or theme goes a long way in helping the designer know your style and guide you on that path, even if you’ll have to go for something diffrent eventually.
It also helps to know your most important measurements. For males, width, waist, shirt length, trouser length. For females, bust, waist, hip, full length, half length; at least a rough estimate.
You can quickly identify if the tailor or designer knows what they are doing or not and its very well appreciated if you are giving your precise clothes size, as well. E.g. Size 6, 8, 10 etc.

Back to my main gist. Med school was a very long 5 year journey. My goodness!
One thing juggling both taught me was how to be a better time manager. I was always on the clock because 5 mins could make or mar my day.
I remember one of those days that I had to rush out of school for a fitting at keffi after an 11am class and I had to be back by 2pm. It was a crazy rush but was totally worth it, at least I thought. I got it just in time for the next lecture at 2:05pm, just in time because the lecturer had started an impromptu incourse (test). My friends had gotten a sheet of paper for me so I just rushed off with the incourse (in my rush state of course ), but lucky me. It was not until when the correction was been done I realised that I chose the best of 4 options instead of stating which of the options were true or false ; leaving me with 10 answers instead of 100 😂
Luckily, the test didnt carry so much and I aced all my previous tests. That’s how God saved my ass!

Back to getting the best from your fashion designer; Give a date that is at least a day or two before you are actually wearing your outfit. Trust me, it helps you and the designer and lastly, be actively involved in the process of your clothes; from fabric selection to checking up on your clothes. It would keep your designer in check and a lot of errors will avoided or salvaged.

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What are your thoughts on my tips on getting the best from your fashion designer?
Have other ideas ? 

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