56 Things I’m Grateful For – Birthday Post 

Hi guys, it was birthday on Sunday. It was a fabulous day (even though my book lunch couldn’t hold, the devil tried) but it was great. I’ll be sharing pictures from my pre- birthday shoot that didnt make it to the gram 😂 , yes I had a pre-birthday shoot and yes! It was bridal inspired.

56 Things I’m grateful for: 

1. To God for never giving up on me, even when the road was tough and bumpy, he showed light at the tunnel

2. Expensive Things 

3. Lingerie

4. High heels 

5. My family, for being my support system 

6. My Instagram family 😁

7. My mum, for her limitless support support. It’s unbelievable how she does it 

8. Chicken suya

9. Disappointments; they’ve made me stronger 

10. my friends, for being the best yet

11. food 😂 it’s such a beautiful work of art

12. Being alive and well; it’s not by my power

13. Movies that I love

14. Pizza

15. Skinny girl in transit; I always have something to look up to on Fridays 😂

16. The almost- good relationships; almost because we are not married 😂

17. Coffee 

18. Money 💃

19. Laces and chiffon 

20. Bad relationships, plenty of lessons have been learnt 

21. Make up

22. Med school experience, to be honest I think I’ll have been happier studying marketing or fashion design but it was a worthy experience 

23. Snap chat filters 

24. Inspiration 

25. My ability to dream big, I’m such a big dreamer

26. Pepsi, such a life saver

27. Lagos Island Puff puff

28. The good

29. The bad, the failed experiments, they were lessons learnt 

30. My phone

31. A roof over my head, it’s more than I could ask for 

32. Noodles 

33. Soy sauce 

34. Chinese food 

35. My strong values, morality, the art of giving and looking up to God

36. The internet for I can’t live without it 😂

37. Association 

38. For my car, it’s small and vintage 😂,  it’s a struggle learning how to drive ( I mean I’ve spent months in this struggle) but it’s a blessing from God

39. My love for cooking

40. Birthdays, celebrations in general. 

41. Good health

42. My natural hair

43. My strong will and resilience

44. For being able to be who I am , not restricted by culture, religion or any the social barriers . 

45. Ice cream 

46. Lagos living 😂 I know, it’s a struggle and I’m getting out of here at the first ticket but its an experience I cherish.

47. Fenty beauty 

48. All my platforms ; the blog, KBookList, Style Avenue Initiatives.

49. Pictures and cameras

50. My businesses; 7th Avenue and KharynaFabrics

51. All the PEOPLE that God has made to be instrumental to my success 

52. Dogs

53. All the hard work; for  its not in the success but in the struggle 

54. Kind people 

55. Restaurants 😂😂😂

56. Nigerian songs

What are you grateful for?

Dress by : @official7thavenue

Makeup by : @makeupbytm.o

Pictures by : @faith_anny

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