The Nigerian Wedding Industry 

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Ciao guys,
How was your weekend? Mine was really busy and fun too. I spent the whole time sewing and doing shoots. My life in a nutshell. 

Today’s post is dedicated to the Nigerian Wedding Industry, yes you heard right. What is the Nigerian Wedding Industry? Is there even a Nigerian Wedding Industry? Am I trying to be funny? Sigh. No. It’s the truth. 

Weddings are such beautiful experiences and really lucrative, especially in Africa where we go big or go home! I’m telling you, wedding vendors are making serious money. This is even heightened by the recent social media wedding craze. Everyone wants to have the best photographer who might charge nothing less than a million, they want to have the trending pieces, the best souvenirs, the best ‘change your life’ make-up, the over-the-top cakes and venues. Everyone wants their cute ships aka hashtag to trend so they pay to get it everywhere. All these and more have contributed to rise of the industry. The Nigerian Wedding Industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy in terms of revenue. 

Forget economy sef, everyone makes money during weddings. From the parents of the bride, the couple, the family members especially the ones ‘next in line’ to everybody else. Money will be made!
I am slowly getting to the marriagable age. And no, I am not aspiring to marriage. I’m not about that chauvinist or sexist life. Anyway, I’ll be 22 on the 22nd of October! I know righttttt. And I can feel the elders already giving me side eye. Biko! Husband applications are open. Fill the form below. 😂

Seriously, I can’t help but reflect on the drama that goes on with weddings in Nigeria, the pom and the pageantry. And most importantly, what kind of wedding I want. Re Chimamanda Titans, I do not aspire to marriage. I repeat I do not aspire to marriage. I am all in favour of having a beautiful wedding, as long as it makes you happy and it’s what you really want. However, I think spending much more on the honeymoon is a better deal. Mykonos, I see you, baby. But if you can have it all, top-notch. By all means!

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I definitely would love a strictly by invitation wedding but because omo Yoruba ni mi o, swagger. I don’t see that happening. Its about to be Wedding Party 3.
I love small gatherings, I think they are more meaningful. A small circle of people that actually mean something to you, not just people that want to eat your rice and go home or worse, steal your husband and rain on your parade. Small weddings are the it.
I want to have lots of dresses to wear. Don’t judge, I’m a fashion designer and everything, including my wedding is a personal fashion show. 
For food, small gatherings usually have the best food with a few exceptions though. You can do your course meals and everyone eats to their fill, as opposed to the traditional alase or olopo. 
I’m not done though but I can not be giving you people free wedding consultancy. Sorry. 

The most important part of a wedding however, is the marriage and not vice versa. So in all of the craze and sublime bliss, don’t forget your partner. Find eachother in all of it and stay stroonngg. And for goodness sake, if you can’t afford a flamboyant wedding, don’t. Your first few years of marriage will thank you.

What are your thoughts on the typical naija wedding? What’s your dream wedding? How do you feel about the over-the-top extra weddings? What’s one thing that you must absolutely have or do at your wedding? 


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3 thoughts on “The Nigerian Wedding Industry 

  1. Please i love my yourba peoples wedding ….. Our weddings are mini carnival😂🤣😄

    PS: lets go on a date to H&R , we might both be lucky to catch a big fish


  2. I really think that Naija weddings are to die for. Well when it comes to the dressing, the flashy decorations, gosh I have seen a few Naija weddings and they were all lit.

    Well when it comes down to my dream wedding, I actually haven’t even thought of it or anything to do with it. I know that sounds awkward but truthfully I haven’t, and its not like I don’t want to get married. I obviously do but right now.. As you said your turning 22. Well till you make 22, I remain older than you by months.
    I think over the top extra weddings are good if you have the money to fund it but if you don’t, please stick to what you can afford.
    Meanwhile I would have loved to go out with you but am far from Naija.


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