I’m just a vintage soul 


Hi guys,

How was the weekend and how is the new week going? 

My weekend was eventful; I had a basic Haute Couture Fashion Design Class in Ibadan, Nigeria on Saturday  and the ATS Volunteers hangout on Sunday. 

For the ATS (A Thousand Smile) Volunteer hangout, I decided to bring back the hazo dungarees. It was a picnic and I wanted to play it simple yet retro. A Thousand Smile is a charity outreach under Style Avenue Initiatives, a brand that I run. Our goal is to reach out to Nigeria as a whole and make a difference in our own little way. I decided to go for an edgy bohemian look, you can call it old school. I’ve worn my hazo dungarees only once and it was more of a traditional look that’s what I decided to spice it up with a danshiki , and yes the sunglasses! They gave me all sorta vibes. You won’t even believe how much I got them. The hair completed the look I was going for as well. How well did I rock this look? 

I’m finally starting “Journey through the stitches” 

When I started this blog. I spoke about starting a network platform for fashion enthusiasts in a category “Journey through the stitches”. I’ve not been faithful to that cause (mainly because I didn’t see who my major focus should have been & spent a lot of time and energy pursuing the wrong people)

The good news is I’m finally going to start the column from next week.

I’ll be interviewing upcoming  fashion enthusiasts from designers to illustrators, to bloggers and fashion lovers in general and put up fun, funny and inspirational bits from the interview up. As my famous quote would say “It’s not in the end but in the struggle”  I believe their struggles, smiles, failure, hustle will movitate someone. The major suppose of this platform is to cultivate a network for young and growing enthusiasts.  The social media (Instagram especially) now mostly cares about already made brands and little or no focus is placed for young growing brands like me and you. 

If you are a fashion enthusiast and you’ll love to have me interview you, send me an email at

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