​Adire and Money Hacks: 5 fastest ways to make money in Nigeria 

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop

– Blair Waldorf

Hi guys, how was the holidays? I bet you had a good time. Well, I did. 

So I’ll be talking about the 5 fastest stress free ways to make money in Nigeria at this time; I mean the recession. By the way, who loves my dress? Its adire, meaning Tie-die in Yoruba language.

 I got home to meet this fabric bought for my sisters and I by my dad and since I had nothing to wear to church last Sunday, I decided to make myself something simple and yet couture to wear

Ok, moving on : You can make fast cash from 

1. Giveaways

Do a giveaway contest. Giveaways are the in-thing right now and almost every week, there’s a new giveaway. It may look like struggle written all over it but its a legit way to make fast money.

2. Look for a need in the society and fulfill it

Our world thrives on need. Someone somewhere needs something, why don’t you just fulfill the need? I would advise you to do services though. For instance, if you live in a hostel with girls. How about painting their nails for a fee? Or buying groceries at a service charge for your neighbors?

3. Organize a dope party and get people to pay to come. (with a popular person or a cool kid; it increases your chances of making more money)

This has always worked. Lol. I remember in secondary school, people would throw parties for some quick buck and it always worked. But, it could flop and that could be a huge loss. So, play your cards right. Invite the right people, leave no stone unturned, make it work!

Peeps on my dress : the concept of the peplum on my dress is 2 half bows . I’ve fallen in love with bows lately and as you know the huge love I have for unique pieces, I decided to play with my bows. And my asymmetric neck line inspired by my imagination. I loveeee

4. Scholarships

This is basically for those in school. Scholarships are very legit and worth it. People have as much as five scholarships at the same time, with one paying as much as #200,000. Just write the qualifying exam, pass and that’s it. You’re basically on a steady payroll for a few years.

5. Be an ad hoc staff eg. waec, neco, electoral committee, ushering etc.

There’s a huge market for ad hoc staff in Nigeria. From marking or invigilating for exam bodies eg. WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc to working for other bodies eg. INEC or the census board as a temp. There’s also ushering, hosting etc. These jobs are temporary but as long as you get them done, you are guaranteed to make your very quick cash. 

So what’s new for me ?  

So I started an Instagram book  club recently using the hash tag #TheBooklist. I’m focusing on inspiration books, food books, books on relationships and African literature since those are the kind of books that interest me. So my first book was The 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield. 

I’ll be doing a review on the book on my personal Instagram page @kharyna_7thavenue and I’ll be puting up the next book up. Sneak peek, it’s an African story teller.

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