​Why I Didn’t Like These Haute Couture Looks From Nigerian Fashion Designers 

I made a compilation of different haute couture looks from this past month. There were quite a number of amazing ones. However, I didn’t like some of them and yes, as I said before, there’s a bonus of looks I absolutely loved.

Ps – It is a compilation of Nigerian fashion designers that make haute couture.  

1. ‘I don’t know who’

Gosh! This dress needs a lot of work. I’m not even going to try to be subtle. Is that supposed to be a peplum or a skirt on top of another skirt? So confused.

2. Tubo 

The dress was real pretty, absolutely stunning. But the bust part was obviously ill-fitted. It was too much. You might want to argue that she was just showing some skin but there’s a huge difference between that and what happened in that dress.

3. Fablane By Derin 

This dress is supposed to be slayed, well its slayed sha. BUT WHAT IS GOING ON ON THE TOP PART??? I think there’s a confusion with the style on the top part. In my opinion, maybe it was supposed to be another style. 

4. Tope Fnr 

I love you Tope! From the depths of my heart but I think the dress is not wedding appropriate. I mean, the extension does nothing for me and the wearer. The neckline is also just wrong.

5. House of Jahdara

This dress has so much potential but I don’t like the embellishment. I think this dress would have been prettier without the white or silver embellishment or with a better placement. 
Bonus : 

Major haute couture looks I loveeeeddd. 

1. @stephaniecoker in Style Temple

Style temple did such a fantastic job. I absolutely loved it! 

2. @andreagiaccaglia in Toju Foyeh 

Toju absolutely killed that dress. It was stunning. 

3. @mercyaigbe in Ceoluminee Official 

This dress was slayed. Nuf said. 

4. @beverlynaya in Fablane by Derin

Sometimes, simplicity is bliss ❤

5. @bonang_n in gertjohancoetzee

I know, he’s not a Nigerian designer but Bonang is our family member 😂 

She slaaaaaayyyeeedd! Goliath with the sling.
Agree with my opinion? Comment like-wise in the comment box. Disagree, hit the comment box and vent.
Btw, good news! 

I’m having a basic haute couture fashion design class on the 12th August 2017 in Lagos. You can see details and register here https://kharyna7thavenue.com/2017/07/25/haute-couture-fashion-design-classlagos/ . Its a full one day class. I’ll be teaching while we make a haute couture dress from scratch.

I’ll be taking you thoroughly through

basic human form sketching, some graphic illustration tips, pattern drafting, anatomy of sewing, applique, rhinestone and bead installation, practical marketing tips, how to apply for internships, the blog lifestyle and a guest will be taking us through fabric painting. 

Food, drinks and free kits are guaranteed.

It’s going to be wonderful and trust me, don’t miss it. The slots are almost finished. To reserve your slot, send an e-mail, Instagram dm or text to – kharynaspark@gmail.com 08100079405 @kharyna_7thavenue


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