Be picky with your CLOTHES, friends and time.

– Unknown

Hi guys,

Happy sunday. Its been a while. I’ve missed a week of posting on the blog as I’ve been house hunting and it is a serious struggle especially in this part of the world, Lagos. I’ll make it up by posting the best and worst haute couture looks by Nigerian designers later this week. 

This is my first attempt at making corset with ankara. Ankara is an African print fabric that’s very beautiful.

And it turned out pretty good !!! 

I used two yards of ankara to achieve this and two yards of crepe for the extension. I also used boning to build the corset and of course, I created my own pattern to cut the fabric. 

Earlier this week was @tojufoyeh’s birthday. If you know me well, you’ll know I’ve got mad love for her. Meeting her literally changed my life, fashion wise. I interned at “Toju Foyeh”. There, I learnt most of the sewing techniques I know. I’ll be interviewing her for the blog under the category Journey through the stitches pretty soon.  

I got my fish net stockings from @thestyleconsultant_ng on Instagram using the discount code “Kharyna”

You can also make an order for this dress on @official7thavenue on Instagram using the same discount code. 

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