​The Little Black Dress, And More

Women who wear black live colourful lives 


This past week got me thinking, a lot. I had to review my goals, especially my future plans that includes schooling in Parsons and review what I really want out of my life.

As you know, I’m a fashion designer with big dreams. My hope is to bring fashion in Nigeria to a new next level. I want to redefine the whole thing to an international level. I’m talking micheal5inco and bigger. The skye is definitely not the limit for this girl right here! Yes, l am also three months away from finishing medical school. Yass, radiographers in the house! show of hands. 💅

I started business in 2013 and this year, I really began to see my moving fast into the big break. Well, supposedly. Then, the melt down happened. I had to think a lot about dealing with success that will come and review the lessons learnt from previous overwhelming successes. 

I have been racking my brains all week for refreshing ideas for my July projects and It seemed like I was at loggerheads with myself. Most importantly, the thought of how to become a big international brand kept me awake most nights this past week. Thinking about what I am doing wrong, what I should be doing right, strategies to take to make a break. It was more like asking God for answers.

Anyway, I think I had a break in church last Sunday. I hadn’t been to church for about two weeks now. It’s a long story. Now, It wasn’t the exact answer to all my thoughts but it was definitely the one assurance I needed. The assurance that all things work together for good for they that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. This was definitely the closure I needed.
So I’m telling somebody out there. When you’re stuck, don’t give up. All things will work together for your good!

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