​The Roast – Trends You Think Should Stay And The Ones You Want Gone 

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic 

– Iman

I’m tired of these trends.
Totally tired.

You know, like how you’ll feel about icecream after working consistently in Icecream Factory for a million years.

I’m tired. 

I am bored.

If you share my opinions, confirm your thoughts in the comment section.

However, if you have dissenting views, shu… 😂 Share them also.

In the comment box below! 

The goal of this post is to engage. I want to know what you’re thinking. Rant out your hearts. Comment away. Roast with all your soul. Spare no trend!
So there are way too many fashion trends and let’s be real, half of them are absolutely unnecessary and the other half are just reincants of older, hippier trends. Here are my thoughts on a few on them.

Sunglasses aka shades 

Stay please.

But, please. Do not wear shades in a room where it’s obviously cool. Except of course, somehow direct sunlight is involved or such. And sunglasses in the night? Excuse you.

Going, going, gone.

Crazy Jeans
Gone are the days where you couldn’t wear crazy jeans on the road without some woman telling you to repent or stop wearing rags. 😂

I love this trend and definitely want it to stay. Even though some of y’all are abusing it. You know yourselves. Ask God for forgiveness.

See Through Clothes w or w/o Underwear

I personally hate this trend.

For with, I mean what’s the point, you can as well walk around in your underwear.

Without, unless you are Rihanna or you’ve got the style percentage she has. Don’t try this. Most times, it looks trashy and what not.

Beard gang

Yes! That has come to stay. I love my bearded brothers. What I even love more is the fact that beard care is a thing, complete with the oils and kit. Clean is sexy!

Contour and Highlight

I want you to stayyyyyy.

False Lashes
Four letters. S. T. A. Y.

Crochet Hair
Crochet is like man’s greatest invention. Those things are heroes. Crochet is like so easy. It’s the literally the best thing that happened to the women folk last year.

Team Natural

I joined this struggle as well. Struggle because natural hair and its drama. Lol.

It’s definately a keeper.

Off / Cold Shoulder
Gone with the wind!

I saw a cold shoulder wedding dress one time. Nah, fam.


There’s no hair trend this year because of wigs. Wigs are lit and a must have for girls. The braid wig however has been abused. Damn! The number of braid wigs I see on a daily basis is alarming and the number of the messed up ones are even more alarming.

Yoruba Demon

Future son, you are not a Yoruba demon in Jesus name. Demon, how?

Did I mention all the major trends?
What other trends do you want to stay or go?
Hit the comment box below. The goal is to engage. Engage yourself, comment on the aforementioned trends and bring up new trends and topics. Engage others, comment on people’s comments. Who knows, you may bond over mutual love or hate. Boom! Adesua and Banky 2.0. Engage me, I’ll reply. Let’s gist.

Phone photography : My cool friends , Toun and Sandra

The most interactive commenter gets a prize. The cute top in this post belongs to you. But you gotta roast first.

25 thoughts on “​The Roast – Trends You Think Should Stay And The Ones You Want Gone 

  1. I don’t even know why they are called demons. As for sunglasses I can count how many times I’ve worn them… like lashes please stay. Wigs please stay


  2. Let me coman land on that wig thing. I’m so pissed at many, especially the poorly done ones. Then seriously braided wigs? I’m sick of most o. Plix coman tell my friend Tayo to throw away that thing she puts on her head. I’m sick of seeing it. It’s downright UGLY!😭😭


  3. Teju, speaking of weddings, i just remembered again o. Burstier (tube) Wedding dresses, especially on ladies with full boobs. I don’t like it. Strangers staring at most of those beautiful fullness on your special day doesn’t seem nice, if you ask me. I don’t mind tiny cleavage but not the entire goods sha😋


      1. Coman tell them o. I saw a reception video and the “goods” almost spilled out. Hubby had to block and probably catch his properties (slightly exaggerated) and I, the viewer was embarrassed. #Ditchthetubeweddingdressjo


  4. Crotchet is for lazy girls, of which I’m the chief🙌😭😂. But it’s beautifully deceptive and I like that too plus saves a lot of time.
    Natural Hair, oh how much I love you but No thanks. It costs too much money and time too to keep in my opinion. When I grow up😜, I’ll join the Naturalgang


      1. But if you’re getting a run for your money from the hair, it’s totally fair. You’ll just stand or sit in front of a mirror and enjoy the view plus you’ll be feeling yourself too na


  5. I totally agree with the shades. Its super unbelievable that people, celebrities sometimes too wear it in a room … or even in the dark sef


  6. Another trend i think has been in town is the asoebi drama and yes ! Pro make up. Some people can’t live without it and the struggle is uber crazy


      1. Yes, I’m tired of every Secondary school “graduate” saying *I’m into makeup now* or I’m learning makeup or I’m a makeup artist. For where???😭😭. Comon goan read your books jare and let me hear word. (Abeg no tell them o,)


  7. Abi…. everybody is now a make up artist. It’s the rave of the moment. Even the ones that can’t draw a straight brow.


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