Twelve International Haute Couture Designers You Need On Your Timeline.

Haute Couture is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.

– Coco Chanel

I absolutely love these haute couture designers. Their individual styles are unique and totally channel their creativity. If you love haute couture, get this people on your timeline. I repeat, follow them everywhere, from Instagram to their websites, they will give you all shades of goals, inspiration and lots of FOMO. They are like the Cher to my Karl Lagerfeld. Treasures of haute couture. I am so inspired by their work and I hope you find inspiration too. 

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This list is in no particular order and these are their instagram handles. Spot some of the stunning looks from the Cannes 2017.

1. @michealcostello

2. @galialahav

3. @frida_xhoi


5. @moeshour

6. @zuhairmuradofficial 

7. @ralphandrusso

8. @micheal5inco 

9. @markbumgarner

10. @toumajeancouture

11. @emotions_atelier

12. @labourjoisie

  And a bonus, because I’m so extra sometimes.

Giveaway Winner Below.
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I want to say a heartfelt and huge thank you to everyone. You guys rock! From the reposts to the uplifting comments, likes, texts, even mere participating in the previous giveaway, you are all amazing people. Got me all teary eyed. 😿 Thank you for the overwhelming support.

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Good luck.

The winner will be announced in next week’s post.

Photo credits – Instagram

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