Confessions Of A Fashion Blogger – The Introduction Edition

People will stare, make it worth their while.

– Tom Ford

Make up by Oshewa Beauty (@oshewabeauty)

Dress by 7th Avenue (@official7thavenue)

Photography by Seyifunmi Photography (@theseyifunmiphotography)

Creative Direction by Sandra N. (@sandy_oma)

PR Advising and Innovation Consultancy by The Idea Artillery (@theideaartillery)

Welcome to my blog.
The first of it’s kind, literally. The first haute couture blog in Nigeria. If you really want to read about all that, click here

Illustration by Kharyna 7th Avenue.

I can’t tell you how excited I am. Overjoyed is an understatement, I’ve been working on this with the most amazing team for a while and to finally be up and running, it’s tremendous.
I would bore you with what haute couture means but you probably know already. Haute couture is so dear to me and that’s one reason I started this blog. To explore, celebrate and show off haute couture, in my original, created and creative work of course.

An Overview Of The Blog 
From style posts to haute couture pieces worn by me, will have it all. I have divided the blog into four categories or menus that I would explore every week in turns.

My Style Story 

This is the basic fashion or style post where I put up pictures and a post attached of me wearing haute couture pieces, tailored by me, of course.


Collaborations with fellow fashion designers, style and fashion bloggers, photographers, models, stylists, brands, products, fashion enthusiasts and more. 

Trends, Rants, Features etc

Here, I will explore trends, I will rant, put up features, reviews etc. Weekly trends, monthly picks, social media fashion frenzies et al. In this category, it will be all about the latest, top of the food chain, ridiculously stylish fashion trends. It will also be a rant fest for me. I am guilty of always speaking my mind and here, I shall. Features and reviews will also be posted. I’m dying to post what I actually think about some things I’ve come across lately and I can’t wait for feedback from you guys.

 Journey Through Stitches – The Series

If you’ve ever seen my feature on The Semi Writer called Behind The Tacks With Olateju A, it will be something like that. Journey Through Stitches – The Series will feature stories, interviews and posts outlining the journey of various fashion enthusiasts and affiliates including fashion designers, bloggers, models, stylists and others.
It’s a lot of work, yes but it’s also going to be a lot of fun. You should totally click the follow button on the blog and subscribe to be up to date on all of it as they happen. 

Like, Comment, Follow, Subscribe.

Now, to the Giveaway.

To enter the giveaway to win this beautiful handbag above. Follow the link below or check out my recent posts on Instagram. Handle is @kharyna_7thAvenue. 
To win, you must follow @kharyna_7thavenue and @theseyifunmiphotography

Tag three people to the same exact post with this picture, comment on my blog post right here and voila, this bag could be yours! Yes, just like that. 

No, you’re not ineligible if you’re male. You could win it for someone or rock it yourself. Your choice. 

No bias here. 
Note – You have to complete all of the above to be eligible to win the bag.
Good luck. 

All the best.

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