56 Things I’m Grateful For – Birthday PostΒ 

Hi guys, it was birthday on Sunday. It was a fabulous day (even though my book lunch couldn’t hold, the devil tried) but it was great. I’ll be sharing pictures from my pre- birthday shoot that didnt make it to the gram πŸ˜‚ , yes I had a pre-birthday shoot and yes! It was bridal inspired.

56 Things I’m grateful for: 

1. To God for never giving up on me, even when the road was tough and bumpy, he showed light at the tunnel

2. Expensive Things 

3. Lingerie

4. High heels 

5. My family, for being my support system 

6. My Instagram family 😁

7. My mum, for her limitless support support. It’s unbelievable how she does it 

8. Chicken suya

9. Disappointments; they’ve made me stronger 

10. my friends, for being the best yet

11. food πŸ˜‚ it’s such a beautiful work of art

12. Being alive and well; it’s not by my power

13. Movies that I love

14. Pizza

15. Skinny girl in transit; I always have something to look up to on Fridays πŸ˜‚

16. The almost- good relationships; almost because we are not married πŸ˜‚

17. Coffee 

18. Money πŸ’ƒ

19. Laces and chiffon 

20. Bad relationships, plenty of lessons have been learnt 

21. Make up

22. Med school experience, to be honest I think I’ll have been happier studying marketing or fashion design but it was a worthy experience 

23. Snap chat filters 

24. Inspiration 

25. My ability to dream big, I’m such a big dreamer

26. Pepsi, such a life saver

27. Lagos Island Puff puff

28. The good

29. The bad, the failed experiments, they were lessons learnt 

30. My phone

31. A roof over my head, it’s more than I could ask for 

32. Noodles 

33. Soy sauce 

34. Chinese food 

35. My strong values, morality, the art of giving and looking up to God

36. The internet for I can’t live without it πŸ˜‚

37. Association 

38. For my car, it’s small and vintage πŸ˜‚,  it’s a struggle learning how to drive ( I mean I’ve spent months in this struggle) but it’s a blessing from God

39. My love for cooking

40. Birthdays, celebrations in general. 

41. Good health

42. My natural hair

43. My strong will and resilience

44. For being able to be who I am , not restricted by culture, religion or any the social barriers . 

45. Ice cream 

46. Lagos living πŸ˜‚ I know, it’s a struggle and I’m getting out of here at the first ticket but its an experience I cherish.

47. Fenty beauty 

48. All my platforms ; the blog, KBookList, Style Avenue Initiatives.

49. Pictures and cameras

50. My businesses; 7th Avenue and KharynaFabrics

51. All the PEOPLE that God has made to be instrumental to my success 

52. Dogs

53. All the hard work; for  its not in the success but in the struggle 

54. Kind people 

55. Restaurants πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

56. Nigerian songs

What are you grateful for?

Dress by : @official7thavenue

Makeup by : @makeupbytm.o

Pictures by : @faith_anny


The Nigerian Wedding IndustryΒ 

​A brunch with me, with so much dessert to solve your life problems and make you giddy with joy and happiness? Giveaway details below, keep going! 

Ciao guys,
How was your weekend? Mine was really busy and fun too. I spent the whole time sewing and doing shoots. My life in a nutshell. 

Today’s post is dedicated to the Nigerian Wedding Industry, yes you heard right. What is the Nigerian Wedding Industry? Is there even a Nigerian Wedding Industry? Am I trying to be funny? Sigh. No. It’s the truth. 

Weddings are such beautiful experiences and really lucrative, especially in Africa where we go big or go home! I’m telling you, wedding vendors are making serious money. This is even heightened by the recent social media wedding craze. Everyone wants to have the best photographer who might charge nothing less than a million, they want to have the trending pieces, the best souvenirs, the best ‘change your life’ make-up, the over-the-top cakes and venues. Everyone wants their cute ships aka hashtag to trend so they pay to get it everywhere. All these and more have contributed to rise of the industry. The Nigerian Wedding Industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy in terms of revenue. 

Forget economy sef, everyone makes money during weddings. From the parents of the bride, the couple, the family members especially the ones ‘next in line’ to everybody else. Money will be made!
I am slowly getting to the marriagable age. And no, I am not aspiring to marriage. I’m not about that chauvinist or sexist life. Anyway, I’ll be 22 on the 22nd of October! I know righttttt. And I can feel the elders already giving me side eye. Biko! Husband applications are open. Fill the form below. πŸ˜‚

Seriously, I can’t help but reflect on the drama that goes on with weddings in Nigeria, the pom and the pageantry. And most importantly, what kind of wedding I want. Re Chimamanda Titans, I do not aspire to marriage. I repeat I do not aspire to marriage. I am all in favour of having a beautiful wedding, as long as it makes you happy and it’s what you really want. However, I think spending much more on the honeymoon is a better deal. Mykonos, I see you, baby. But if you can have it all, top-notch. By all means!

GIVEAWAY ALERT – Because birthday month, I’m doing giveaways on my blog, all my Instagram pages – @kharyna_7thavenue @official7thavenue @kharynafabrics and even my Book Club, #TheKBookList. Details are at the end of this post.

I definitely would love a strictly by invitation wedding but because omo Yoruba ni mi o, swagger. I don’t see that happening. Its about to be Wedding Party 3.
I love small gatherings, I think they are more meaningful. A small circle of people that actually mean something to you, not just people that want to eat your rice and go home or worse, steal your husband and rain on your parade. Small weddings are the it.
I want to have lots of dresses to wear. Don’t judge, I’m a fashion designer and everything, including my wedding is a personal fashion show. 
For food, small gatherings usually have the best food with a few exceptions though. You can do your course meals and everyone eats to their fill, as opposed to the traditional alase or olopo. 
I’m not done though but I can not be giving you people free wedding consultancy. Sorry. 

The most important part of a wedding however, is the marriage and not vice versa. So in all of the craze and sublime bliss, don’t forget your partner. Find eachother in all of it and stay stroonngg. And for goodness sake, if you can’t afford a flamboyant wedding, don’t. Your first few years of marriage will thank you.

What are your thoughts on the typical naija wedding? What’s your dream wedding? How do you feel about the over-the-top extra weddings? What’s one thing that you must absolutely have or do at your wedding? 


I haven’t been to Hans and Rene in a while, blame work and school and my sweet tooth has been aching. So I am determined to, this month and I have decided to take one of you with me. Me, you, dessert, brilliant or not conversations. It’s going to be everything.
Note – This is not sponsored by H&R. It’s a purely personal thing in which costs would be beared by me.
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The winner will be chosen on 22nd,  October, 2017. Good luck!


I’m just a vintage soul 


Hi guys,

How was the weekend and how is the new week going? 

My weekend was eventful; I had a basic Haute Couture Fashion Design Class in Ibadan, Nigeria on Saturday  and the ATS Volunteers hangout on Sunday. 

For the ATS (A Thousand Smile) Volunteer hangout, I decided to bring back the hazo dungarees. It was a picnic and I wanted to play it simple yet retro. A Thousand Smile is a charity outreach under Style Avenue Initiatives, a brand that I run. Our goal is to reach out to Nigeria as a whole and make a difference in our own little way. I decided to go for an edgy bohemian look, you can call it old school. I’ve worn my hazo dungarees only once and it was more of a traditional look that’s what I decided to spice it up with a danshiki , and yes the sunglasses! They gave me all sorta vibes. You won’t even believe how much I got them. The hair completed the look I was going for as well. How well did I rock this look? 

I’m finally starting “Journey through the stitches” 

When I started this blog. I spoke about starting a network platform for fashion enthusiasts in a category “Journey through the stitches”. I’ve not been faithful to that cause (mainly because I didn’t see who my major focus should have been & spent a lot of time and energy pursuing the wrong people)

The good news is I’m finally going to start the column from next week.

I’ll be interviewing upcoming  fashion enthusiasts from designers to illustrators, to bloggers and fashion lovers in general and put up fun, funny and inspirational bits from the interview up. As my famous quote would say “It’s not in the end but in the struggle”  I believe their struggles, smiles, failure, hustle will movitate someone. The major suppose of this platform is to cultivate a network for young and growing enthusiasts.  The social media (Instagram especially) now mostly cares about already made brands and little or no focus is placed for young growing brands like me and you. 

If you are a fashion enthusiast and you’ll love to have me interview you, send me an email at kharynaspark@gmail.com

​Adire and Money Hacks: 5 fastest ways to make money in NigeriaΒ 

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop

– Blair Waldorf

Hi guys, how was the holidays? I bet you had a good time. Well, I did. 

So I’ll be talking about the 5 fastest stress free ways to make money in Nigeria at this time; I mean the recession. By the way, who loves my dress? Its adire, meaning Tie-die in Yoruba language.

 I got home to meet this fabric bought for my sisters and I by my dad and since I had nothing to wear to church last Sunday, I decided to make myself something simple and yet couture to wear

Ok, moving on : You can make fast cash from 

1. Giveaways

Do a giveaway contest. Giveaways are the in-thing right now and almost every week, there’s a new giveaway. It may look like struggle written all over it but its a legit way to make fast money.

2. Look for a need in the society and fulfill it

Our world thrives on need. Someone somewhere needs something, why don’t you just fulfill the need? I would advise you to do services though. For instance, if you live in a hostel with girls. How about painting their nails for a fee? Or buying groceries at a service charge for your neighbors?

3. Organize a dope party and get people to pay to come. (with a popular person or a cool kid; it increases your chances of making more money)

This has always worked. Lol. I remember in secondary school, people would throw parties for some quick buck and it always worked. But, it could flop and that could be a huge loss. So, play your cards right. Invite the right people, leave no stone unturned, make it work!

Peeps on my dress : the concept of the peplum on my dress is 2 half bows . I’ve fallen in love with bows lately and as you know the huge love I have for unique pieces, I decided to play with my bows. And my asymmetric neck line inspired by my imagination. I loveeee

4. Scholarships

This is basically for those in school. Scholarships are very legit and worth it. People have as much as five scholarships at the same time, with one paying as much as #200,000. Just write the qualifying exam, pass and that’s it. You’re basically on a steady payroll for a few years.

5. Be an ad hoc staff eg. waec, neco, electoral committee, ushering etc.

There’s a huge market for ad hoc staff in Nigeria. From marking or invigilating for exam bodies eg. WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc to working for other bodies eg. INEC or the census board as a temp. There’s also ushering, hosting etc. These jobs are temporary but as long as you get them done, you are guaranteed to make your very quick cash. 

So what’s new for me ?  

So I started an Instagram book  club recently using the hash tag #TheBooklist. I’m focusing on inspiration books, food books, books on relationships and African literature since those are the kind of books that interest me. So my first book was The 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield. 

I’ll be doing a review on the book on my personal Instagram page @kharyna_7thavenue and I’ll be puting up the next book up. Sneak peek, it’s an African story teller.

Have you ever had a terrible camping experience? Read about my Omu Resort Experience here! There are plenty deets on my OOTD.

I wore a half bowed kimono and yes! I’ll be giving out the kimono on the comment session. So get ready! 

I got to the venue really late, around 2/3pm. It wasn’t quite what I expected, I had been anticipating this outing for so long and had been imagining so many things. πŸ˜‚ It was still lit though. It looked like the calm in the storm. I started my adventure with the roller coaster. It was super fun but I was so scared at first. I was literally praying for my life. But the second time wasn’t so bad. Haha. Pro vibes! ✌

The ride was super fun but experiencing the ride was damn scary. You should try it.

It was an Ankara head wrap, couture type kimono and bralet kind of day. I made all my outfit. I used three and half yards of Ankara to achieve my head wrap, half yard of french lace and some tulle for the bralet and three yards of fabric for my “half bows” kimono. It was a laid back outing but I wanted to add the couture touch, hence the kimono.

Next up was the pirate ship. I take my words on the rollercoaster, I think this was the scariest ride I took. I couldn’t do all the rides sadly, because of time and also because there were too many rides and activities. It’s so impossible to finish all the activities in one day. 

So, if you’re going and you want to really enjoy all of it. Go early!

Then I did ‘Mission Impossible’, I got to the highest point on my first try. I think I was just too hyper that day. 

Then wait for it!!! The best of all… The Bull Ride! I’ve fantasized about this ride my entire life. The experience was so fulfilling. I’m proud to say that I did 3 times at once without falling. 

And then came the rain. For me, this was the saddest. I already came late, there was so many things to explore and yet rain decided to fall. I mean, not showers, heavy pours. It was devastating. Anyway, after one hour of waiting, the rain finally stopped. I got to see the zoo, do the tyre walk, a few other games and that was it. 😒😒😒

I didn’t fully explore all the adventures: Omu resort was fun however and I can’t wait to be back there. Someone can decide to take me. πŸ˜‚ I’m not even doing shakara.
The 15th Comment on this post gets to win my “half bows” kimono πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Please note that the winner must be able to pick up in Lagos, Nigeria

​Why I Didn’t Like These Haute Couture Looks From Nigerian Fashion DesignersΒ 

I made a compilation of different haute couture looks from this past month. There were quite a number of amazing ones. However, I didn’t like some of them and yes, as I said before, there’s a bonus of looks I absolutely loved.

Ps – It is a compilation of Nigerian fashion designers that make haute couture.  

1. ‘I don’t know who’

Gosh! This dress needs a lot of work. I’m not even going to try to be subtle. Is that supposed to be a peplum or a skirt on top of another skirt? So confused.

2. Tubo 

The dress was real pretty, absolutely stunning. But the bust part was obviously ill-fitted. It was too much. You might want to argue that she was just showing some skin but there’s a huge difference between that and what happened in that dress.

3. Fablane By Derin 

This dress is supposed to be slayed, well its slayed sha. BUT WHAT IS GOING ON ON THE TOP PART??? I think there’s a confusion with the style on the top part. In my opinion, maybe it was supposed to be another style. 

4. Tope Fnr 

I love you Tope! From the depths of my heart but I think the dress is not wedding appropriate. I mean, the extension does nothing for me and the wearer. The neckline is also just wrong.

5. House of Jahdara

This dress has so much potential but I don’t like the embellishment. I think this dress would have been prettier without the white or silver embellishment or with a better placement. 
Bonus : 

Major haute couture looks I loveeeeddd. 

1. @stephaniecoker in Style Temple

Style temple did such a fantastic job. I absolutely loved it! 

2. @andreagiaccaglia in Toju Foyeh 

Toju absolutely killed that dress. It was stunning. 

3. @mercyaigbe in Ceoluminee Official 

This dress was slayed. Nuf said. 

4. @beverlynaya in Fablane by Derin

Sometimes, simplicity is bliss ❀

5. @bonang_n in gertjohancoetzee

I know, he’s not a Nigerian designer but Bonang is our family member πŸ˜‚ 

She slaaaaaayyyeeedd! Goliath with the sling.
Agree with my opinion? Comment like-wise in the comment box. Disagree, hit the comment box and vent.
Btw, good news! 

I’m having a basic haute couture fashion design class on the 12th August 2017 in Lagos. You can see details and register here https://kharyna7thavenue.com/2017/07/25/haute-couture-fashion-design-classlagos/ . Its a full one day class. I’ll be teaching while we make a haute couture dress from scratch.

I’ll be taking you thoroughly through

basic human form sketching, some graphic illustration tips, pattern drafting, anatomy of sewing, applique, rhinestone and bead installation, practical marketing tips, how to apply for internships, the blog lifestyle and a guest will be taking us through fabric painting. 

Food, drinks and free kits are guaranteed.

It’s going to be wonderful and trust me, don’t miss it. The slots are almost finished. To reserve your slot, send an e-mail, Instagram dm or text to – kharynaspark@gmail.com 08100079405 @kharyna_7thavenue


Fashion design for me is practically my life. I find my calling there and i know that I’ll one day effect real change in the world through it. 

Sharon OOJA in 7th Avenue

My fashion design learning journey was a rather long, funny and interesting one. I started learning how to sew in 2012 on Youtube. Yes! Youtube! My parents at that time didn’t want to hear the “vocation” story . They were all about going to school and getting good grades – Typical Nigerian Parents πŸ˜€. I would learn how to cut something, steal mum’s ankara and literally hand-sew it. I moved on from doing that to convincing my parents to allow me learn how to sew during the holidays. My mum bought a sewing machine and that was it for me.

I did a lot of work and a lot of research. I wanted badly to do good jobs and I didnt have the money to hire really good tailors so I had to learn every single bit of it. I got an internship with Tojufoyeh and that was where I learnt pattern drafting (I also did a lot of my homework on pattern draft).

So I’m having a basic haute couture fashion design class on the 12th of August 2017. Its a one full day class (20 people only)and I’ll be taking you thoroughly tthrough

basic human form sketching,
some graphic illustration tips,
deep pattern drafting,
anatomy of sewing,
applique, rhinestone and bead installation,
practical marketing tips,
how to apply for internships,
the blog lifestyle and

a guest will be taking us through fabric painting for just a small fee of #5000.

Its going to be an amazing class, I’ll be going all out and teaching all that I know and have done a lot of research on.I’ll be re- making the Sharon OOJA dress above while I teach pattern drafting and sewing. 

It promises to be very educative, interesting and super engaging. It’s also going to be a great platform for networking. There will be a lot of gisting guys. And yes! Food, drinks and free kits are guaranteed.

Show some love and REPOST this ! Please TAG interested people .